The MTSG Service Model

The MTSG Service Model

At Managed Technical Solutions Group, we opt to do things a bit differently than our competitors. We decided to put the customer first at MTSG, and work to find solutions and services that matter to each client based on their specific needs. We are not interested in weekly minimums – we want the job to be done right, in the best manner possible. Our philosophy is simple: We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.

At Any Size and No Minimums

No matter what size your company is, we can find the best way to help. We are proud to offer the capability to develop a support and service program for customers that are local or national, at any size. It’s this flexibility that sets us apart from the rest. We are willing and able to go the extra mile for all our customers. We also do not require weekly minimums. That’s right – we will provide service to a one-user location, or 10,000-user location. So even if you need complete gown room management for a multi-building facility, or a shipped Just In Time garment program, we can create a solution that will fit your needs to a “T.”

A Tech Company That Happens To Have a Laundry

At its core, MTSG is a technology company that happens to have a laundry, which means that we are focused on the next generation of products, equipment, and green technology. This forward-thinking mentality allows us to innovate and work with our customers to anticipate advances in many technologies and processes. Whether it’s labor resources, technical services, or the latest in waterless technology, we offer highly engineered solutions to those companies who need it most. We want to work with you, the customer, to solve your unique challenges.

Our Technical Approach

The MTSG team has decades of combined experience working with the largest and most advanced technology company in Oregon. Our intimate understanding of cleanroom methods and practices lets us work with a wide range of clients from pharma to semi-conductor, for their garment solution needs. With our staff’s vast technical expertise, we know in and out the rigors of working in a controlled environment, and its stringent demands. We are innovators in the garment and cleanroom services industry, and believe our technical approach gives our customers an exceptional view outside of the traditional cleanroom providers.

Independent and Accountable

We are also the Northwest’s only independent cleanroom and technical garment service provider. This means we do not report to Wall Street, and are accountable not to stockholders, but instead to our customers, our employees and ourselves. Our solutions based approach is based on our hands-on experience with the issues that many of our clients face daily. This customer service focus and dedication to client satisfaction is what sets us apart. We want to create relationships that grow with our clients and develop products and services that really matter.

Give us a call today to see how MTSG’s services can benefit your company.

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