Highest Quality Laundering Available

Managed Technical Solutions Group remains committed to providing the highest quality cleanroom garment laundering services available. We designed our cleanroom garment wash process to maintain garment integrity, while still providing the level of processing needed to maintain your businesses cleanroom environment.

There’s a reason why companies all along the West Coast trust MTSG as their cleanroom and technical garment solutions provider. We understand the high standards our customers must adhere to and have developed a comprehensive range of processing solutions to help meet the strict demands that come with working in controlled room environments.

Our in-depth and detailed documentation, coupled with the use of our technology-based garment tracking system, allows for complete cradle-to-grave garment tracking.

Garment Repair

The daily demands of the work environment can take their toll on the garments worn by your staff while on the job. Managed Technical Solutions Group can provide cleanroom garment repair that helps to reduce the cost of buying new garments, while maintaining the required level of cleanliness needed to maintain operational integrity. By working closely with the leading cleanroom garment manufactures, we have developed a team of subject matter experts to work with your cleanroom garment repair.

Contact us today to learn how MTSG can evaluate your “beyond repair” garments, and give you additional options for your cleanroom garment servicing.

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