Research & Development

Research & Development

Research and Development

Managed Technical Solutions Group‘s focus on innovation has us working with organizations to develop and make advances in many new technologies and processes. These include waterless and reduced water technology, and waste heat, plastic, and water reclamation systems. We believe in developing unique solutions to solve the challenging issues our customers face.

Labor Resources

MTSG is proud to offer labor resources for cleanrooms and clean environments. Whether you need extra hands for your cleanrooms or gownroom support staff, we can provide and manage the right team for your specific needs. We ensure that your projects are completed on time and on budget with our trained labor resource experts and project managers.  We feature expert communication, labor and material control, and strict adherence to all cleanroom and technical garment guidelines.

Technical Services

With our stocking and maintenance programs, MTSG offers personalized services based on your organization’s unique needs and desires. From product supply chain solutions and sterilization techniques for high technology and pharmaceutical industries, to our innovative water and material recycling systems, we will work with you to develop the best processes possible.

Semiconductor Services

If you are looking for cleanroom consulting for design, application, requirements setting, contamination control consultation or compliance, MTSG can help. From detailed individualized cleanroom process development to cleanroom program audits, we are here to guide you along the road to success. At MTSG, we work to provide highly engineered solutions to the semiconductor, Phrama, LIfe Sciences industries, and other controlled environments.

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